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Program Packages 

#1: The Best Day Ever!

Through a powerful partnership, Jared Scott has joined forces with Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley, the dynamic founder and CEO of the Dream Machine Foundation. Charlie is leading a community of 8 million people in the pursuit of fulfilling one million dreams for those in need. Charlie's remarkable journey, which has garnered over a billion views on social media, has already helped over 1,500 dreams become reality while raising over $5 million. His impactful work has earned endorsements from influential figures like Oprah and Steve Harvey. With their shared vision and commitment, Charlie and Jared proudly present "The Best Day Ever" package, a testament to their collective mission and dedication to creating positive change.


This one-of-a-kind package brings together two extraordinary motivational speakers for an inspirational and transformational day in your community. Start off with a powerful keynote speech where they share personal triumphs, emphasize the importance of mental health, and ignite the magic of chasing dreams. Engage your student leaders in an interactive breakout session to acquire leadership skills. Empower your staff with resilient mindset tools during a powerful  P.D workshop, and participate in a community activation night that promotes kindness.

But thats not all, this package also includes a life-changing surprise for a deserving community member. One person's dream will be made a reality, creating an unforgettable moment that symbolizes hope and the limitless potential within all of us. 

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#2: I Believe In You! 

In 2017, a powerful speech by CEO Braxton Kilgo ignited a wave of kindness among 1,200 middle school students. Braxton gifted them "I Believe in You" stickers, encouraging them to pay it forward. Realizing the potential of this movement, Braxton transformed the stickers into bracelets. These bracelets were designed to be worn until one feels inspired to give them away. The initiative gained significant traction, with 16,000 bracelets sold across the United States and 11 different countries. Unfortunately, the rapid growth and limited resources forced Braxton to temporarily pause the initiative...

That's why Braxton is teaming up with Jared Scott to take this movement to the next level! Through engaging assemblies, empowering leadership breakouts, and captivating community nights, this dynamic package is designed to create a transformative impact. 

But wait, there's more!! Bracelets from Braxton's "I Believe in You" movement will be gifted to every student leader, serving as tangible symbols of hope and connection. These are no ordinary wristbands; they are gateways to a world of inspiration and connection. Through our innovative app, each bracelet becomes an interactive experience with a simple scan, uniting your community in a shared mission of spreading kindness and support.


Don't just take my word for it – you'll have to see for yourself 

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The Mobile App

A mobile app that captures the unique journey & story of each IBIY bracelet as it travels from person to person around the world. See everywhere your bracelet has been, and everywhere it goes after you give it away. Users can track & measure their impact with real-time stats & notifications, consume uplifting content daily, and stay up to date on all things IBIY.

P.S: Our mobile app is available for Wave Two customers only. Once your bracelets are shipped, you will receive instructions to access it :)

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#3: Culture Shift! 

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The "Culture Shift" program is an all-inclusive package designed to foster a positive and connected community within schools and their surrounding communities. By engaging students, staff, and parents, the program aims to create a nurturing learning environment that promotes emotional intelligence, character building, and a wide range of essential topics.


Through a combination of dynamic breakouts, interactive workshops, inspiring assemblies, and engaging community/parent nights, the program addresses crucial aspects such as purpose-finding, leadership growth, respect, self-worth, and emotional intelligence. By integrating these diverse subjects, the program takes a holistic approach to personal development. Students acquire valuable tools to navigate challenges, staff members foster a positive climate, and parents actively support their children's well-being.


Experience the power of lasting change as the "Culture Shift" program equips participants with essential skills and values for sustained success and personal fulfillment. Together, let's shape a brighter future and foster a thriving community.

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